Human-Computer Interaction Design

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Our program is designed to change the way you think.
Human-computer interaction (HCI) has traditionally been the domain of engineering and psychology. Here, we approach it from the perspective of design. Our focus goes beyond simply using technology to solve a problem. It is about creating a technology experience that will be functional, intuitive, and even delightful for the people who use it.
The goal of the human-computer interaction design (HCI/d) program is to teach you to think like a designer. Our approach is research-based, but never rigid. Though students follow a highly structured curriculum that prepares them for a professional career, there is plenty of room to pursue individual interests.
During your time here, you will refine your personal design philosophy through course work that:
  • Teaches you the key history, literature, and research of HCI design (HCI/d)
  • Introduces you to multiple frameworks, research techniques, and creative exercises
  • Helps you learn the skills necessary to use and design current and emerging applications
  • Explores the socioeconomic consequences of implementing technologies in different cultures
Our students come from many backgrounds, from computer science to the liberal arts. Because you take the same classes and work together frequently on projects, you quickly become part of a close-knit, highly collaborative, and imaginative group—building relationships that will continue long after you graduate.

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